What You Need To Know About Title Tags

Title tags are HTML elements used to specify the title of a webpage. It is the clickable headline for a given result and immediately informs viewers what they can expect from a page in the shortest and most concise way possible.

Your title tags play an important role in your SEO because they typically show up in the search engine results page. Therefore it is vital that you have a succinct, relevant and engaging title to convince your users click-through to your post, boosting your user engagement.

Why Are Title Tags Important

There are 4 main reasons as to why title tags are so important: 

  1. First impressions last: The first impression of your page lies with your title tags. A good title tag can make your viewer click on your link whereas a poorly constructed title tag can make them leave. Be sure to make a positive and lasting impression.
  2. Relevance: Title tags tell the reader what your content is about and if it is useful to them. This determines if they will click through to your content or scroll right over it to the next link. 
  3. Brand leverage: If you are one of the trusted brands in the industry, people will likely gravitate towards you. So be proud of your brand name and use it prominently in your title tag.
  4. Search Engine Crawlers: Search engine crawlers also heavily rely on your title tags to understand what your page is about and when your website should appear in a search result. The more relevant your content is to your title tag, the higher your SEO ranking is likely to be. 
Where Are Title Tags Used

Title tags are primarily used in 3 key places:

  1. Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs): With a few exceptions, your title tags determine your display title in SERPs. If your title is good enough for your viewer’s liking, expect more clicks on your link. After all, it is their first impression of you.
  2. Web Browsers: Title tags acts as a placeholder at the top of your web browser. If your viewer has too many open tabs, make sure they never lose track of your content by using title that is easily recognisable and stands out from the rest.
  3. Social Networks: Social media platforms such as Facebook uses your title tag to determine what to display when someone shares your page. Keep in mind that some social networks have their own meta tags that allow you to specify titles that are different from your main title tag. With this, you can optimise for each network and provide longer titles when and where needed.
How to Write a Good Title Tag

To entice your viewers to click on your title tag, it must be well and properly written. Here are some tips for creating effective title tags:

  • Limit your Title Tag’s Length

If your title is too long, search engines may cut it off and replaced it with ellipsis (…) which can end up omitting the important words. Although it is strongly recommended that your titles should be under 60 characters long, the exact limitation is a bit more complicated.

  • Use A Unique Title Tag

Unique titles help search engines understand that your content is unique and valuable. It is also effective in driving higher click rates.

  • Important Keywords First

Important keywords closer to the beginning of your title tag may have a more positive impact on search rankings.

  • Write From Your Customer’s Perspective

Good title tags are important to SEO but remember that the title is ultimately read by your audience. Your first goal is to attract clicks from your targeted audience so be sure your title tags appeal to them.

It just takes a bit of time and effort to master your title tags. Once you know your way around it, you can effectively use your title tags to impact your SEO and boost your business significantly.

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