Why You Should Hire a Social Media Agency

Ever thought about hiring a social media agency but are unsure if it is actually worth it?

Hiring a social media agency entails much more than simply hiring a group of people to manage your content on your social media platforms. Simply put, you are investing in their unique skill set and expertise to help build customer relationships and create long-term satisfaction.

This blog post will look at some of the advantages of hiring a social media agency for your business. But first….

What is a Social Media Agency?

A social media marketing agency is a creative organisation that develops and executes social media marketing strategies and campaigns on behalf of their customers.

Social media marketing agencies were founded to assist customers in maximising their use of social media when more traditional marketing and advertising agencies were managing the advertising strategies for television, radio, and print media. 

Benefits of Hiring A Social Media Agency

1. Build a solid social media presence

A consistent posting strategy helps to foster trust while also keeping your audience engaged and informed about sales and events - signalling that your company is thriving. Some companies succeed with three posts per week, while others pursue their specific objectives more aggressively. In terms of Instagram, the algorithm simply favours consistency, which means that a consistent posting schedule is unavoidable. 

People will become more familiar with your brand if you remain active and consistent with your social media posting schedule. Take advantage of this widespread use by collaborating with a company that knows what to prioritise.

Did you know that social media has become to new “word of mouth” marketing strategy?

2. Gain a customised framework for your business's social media success

The right strategy = attracts the attention of the people you want to reach!

Ads can be displayed on social media, just as they do on television and radio. The main distinction between more traditional means of display ads is that you do not have to pay a lot of money upfront to promote your brand on social media. With social media ads, you can reach the exact people you want. 

Social media is simply the icing on the cake of a long list of marketing strategies that take place behind the scenes in everything you do. At Elephant in the Boardroom, we do more than just make aesthetically pleasing feed layouts. We create a well-thought-out plan that you can use to achieve your objectives. You won’t have to post to Instagram and cross your fingers for some good analytics to roll in if you hire a social media agency.

3. Work with social media experts

Hiring a social media agency is extremely beneficial because you will gain access to a large team of specialists for far less money per month than it would cost to hire a new full-time social media employee. You no longer have to rely on a single employee to handle all of your social media, graphic design, SEO, and copywriting needs; instead, you now have access to a full team of experts. There will be no hiccups in your brand’s social media journey - which has been meticulously planned, just for you!

4. Access to tools and resources

When you work with a social media agency, you will have access to all of the resources that you need to create your campaigns in one handy location. There is no need to buy or download any new software or hardware. By collaborating with an agency you receive access to specialised knowledge that the agency possesses - which has been gathered over years of service.

5. Saves you lots of time

Social media requires time - a lot of time. Curating a strategy and keeping track of your social media accounts can be super time-consuming. Alternatively, with the help of a social media team of experts, you can free up your calendar and keep your social media presence top tier. 

6. Develop strong relationships with your followers

I think that we can all agree that it can be difficult to keep up with the endless pings of social media notifications. One of the great things about a social media agency is that they function as an extension of your customer service team. Which can help assist you in developing relationships with your audience and earning their trust. Customers who interact or buy from you want to learn more about your brand, talk to you, and tell you about their personal experiences.

You can also generate interest in your products and services through both free and paid social media marketing. You can remain on the top of their mind if you are constantly creating and posting content that they genuinely enjoy. Once you have a following, more than likely your followers will be able to create content for you of their own. Perhaps they will post a photo of themselves wearing your brand or record a video review of your service. 


Hiring the services of a social media agency is a good idea if you want to ensure that the strategy you implement for your marketing efforts is successful. In particular, for your website, they will be able to assist you in developing more powerful content through the use of videos, plugins, and banners. You are investing in their one-of-a-kind skill set and experience to facilitate the development of relationships with clients and the production of satisfaction that is long-lasting.

In this day and age, managing all your social media accounts is serious business. If you're just starting out, it may take some time to get used to everything and find success; however, Team Elephant is here to help you in any way we can!

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