Writing Your Way to SEO-Friendly Blog

Everybody wants to be friends with SEO. However, with its complex algorithm, it’s sure not going to win any congeniality award anytime soon. So, the effort must come to us marketers to produce favourable blogs for SEO.

What does SEO-friendly blog even mean? It’s the type of blog with a purpose of ranking high on search engine results page. Most of us think it’s a complicated task because for one thing, it involves SEO and second, it normally translates to keyword stuffing. 

But writing your way to SEO-friendly blog is much more than stuffing keywords in your blogs or in your other content. SEO-friendly content is about getting your blogs found in a prominent place.

To power up your blogs and get your website ranked higher by SEO, we dedicate this post in providing you the tips on writing your way to SEO-friendly blog.

Writing Tip #1: Create a Meaningful SEO Blog

Think about what your audience want read from you. Compile few significant questions to help you come up with an interesting piece. What’s the purpose of your blog? What actions do you want them taking after reading your blog? Answering these kinds of question helps you create more meaningful and helpful content.

Writing Tip #2: Use headlines and sub-headers

SEO highly favours blogs with headlines and sub-headers. Headlines help search engine robots understand your blog better so Google can grasp your main topic and help you rank better. To lead your readers to your blog content, use sub-headers. It will help them scan your page and make the structure of your articles clarified for them. However, when using headlines and sub-headers, it’s important not to overuse this tactic and just stick to the key purpose.

Writing Tip #3: Use paragraphs

When using paragraphs, make sure they have their own idea or subject. Some writers tend to start a sentence on a new line because it looks nice. An SEO-friendly blog has more thought to it and contains paragraphs with a cohesive idea. Before starting a new paragraph, ask yourself first what the main idea for that paragraph would be.

Writing Tip #4: Add link to a previous blog

A backlink helps search engines rank blog content. If you are writing on a similar topic as your previous blog, you can link those two to build up authority on the subject. As your link structure is an important factor in Google ranking, the better links you add to your blog the higher your page will rank in search engine results page.

Writing Tip #5: Optimise the length of your blog

Optimising your word count in each of your blog is critical as Google favours longer content with high-quality. 300 words won’t simply cut it these days. Google likes long articles that provide users with the best possible answers to their queries. But readability matters still whether your blog is short-form or long-form. A long-form blog that’s not easily readable and relatable can drive your users and search engines away. Using Google Analytics reports can show you which blog posts have higher engagement. By focusing on these blog posts, you can formulate a creative approach in writing SEO-friendly blog.

Writing Tip #6: Optimise your images

Images are often incorporated   in blogs to make it attractive and interesting. Of course, images used need to be relevant with the blog otherwise it will just compromise the quality of the blog. To optimise images, you should add keywords to the image file and provide ALT tags. The size of the photo needs to be optimised as well to make it more SEO-friendly. There are available photo editor tools that can assist you in resizing the images without compromising its quality and visibility.

Writing Tip #7: Make your blog shareable

You’re boosting your blog’s full potential by sharing it to different channels so people from different social media sites can read your blog. Interesting blogs with meaty content get liked and shared and this makes it easier for search engines to find and rank you.

Writing Tip #8: Post blogs regularly

Finally, writing your way to SEO-friendly blog requires posting blogs regularly. This alerts Google that your website is very much active and alive so they can crawl into it more often. By posting blogs regularly, it should mean posting blogs that are helpful, informative and meaningful. So consistently creating meaningful blog that fits people search intent comes as an involuntary requirement too.


SEO-friendly blogs are one of the SEO trends you need to start practicing in order to improve your SEO ranking. Learning these tips will give you an idea of what the search engines are really looking into when ranking websites and pages. SEO-friendly blogs will open doors to more traffic and engagement. And what does this mean for your website - an improved SEO quality and score.


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