5 Best YouTube SEO Tools to Boost your Video Rankings

The demand for long form content through videos has been on an all-time high. And, the second most popular website in the world, YouTube, is on the forefront of this demand. Around 55% of marketers use the power of YouTube for their marketing campaigns, making it the most popular video marketing platform. It is time to boost your video rankings!

As a marketer, you must see how important it is to step up your video marketing campaigns so your content can be viewed by more audiences. YouTube SEO, only trailing Google as the second largest search engine, is the reason why a lot of people are absorbing video content nowadays. You must strategise your content based on SEO and other factors so your content can be presented first to its millions of users.

This is why YouTube SEO tools are on the rise, such as the well-known Google Trends, Google Ads, Rank Tracker, TubeBuddy, and VidIQ. But there are more tools you need to see that offer even more features than your usual tool. Here they are!

  1. YTCockpit

A YouTube keywords research curator, YTCockpit allows you to search high volume keywords you can insert into your video content. It also lets you establish a process to consistently grow your audience with your videos, because of course, you want to get consistent viewership.

Aside from that, it also provides you with keywords with respectable search volume and video data and analysis so you can generate keywords and ideas from top ranking videos within your niche. And don’t worry if you only target organic traffic, because its TrueView video format for ads pay you for engaged views and not based on impressions.

Pricing: Three plans, the personal one starts at $199, pro plan at $299, and agency plan at $799, all annually.

  1. RivalIQ

Wanna keep a spy’s eye on your competitor’s video content strategies and analytics? RivalIQ is the tool you’re looking for!

Generally known as a social media analytics tool, RivalIQ has also enabled its YouTube tools for video marketers. Find out what’s working with your competitors so you can set your own goals too. Monitor your Youtube stats such as engagement rates, post times and views with ease and compare it to your rivals. You can also segment your video content with custom tags by theme, product, content, and more.

Pricing: $199 monthly and you can track five companies.

  1. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Explorer

This Ahrefs tool can also feed you the most in-demand keywords to use for your video content.

Unlike other tools which only show assumed arbitrary numbers on keyword popularity, Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool shows you the real volume for such keywords, and it also expands the data across 229 countries.

With relevant keyword search, you will not run out of video content to share. Additionally, you can also choose from different reports on keyword variations to start with.

Pricing: Starts at $99 per month.

  1. YTRank

Looking for a simple and free YouTube keyword search test? We offer you YTRank!

Here, you only need to paste a link to your YouTube video and find out what its ranking will be when a searcher uses a specific keyword related to it. Simple as that! You can test out your videos here and determine its rankings so you can make some improvements off the board and search better keywords if it is ranking low.;

Pricing: Free, as mentioned!

  1. Keyword Tool

YouTube autocomplete results have been the prime option for some video marketers out there in crafting keywords. But you need a tool that can spice it up even more.

Enter Keyword Tool.

It helps you generate long-tail keywords and can even localise results to all countries and languages supported by YouTube, helpful if you want to target a specific community within a country. And all that is for free! The paid pro version can provide you search volume estimates, costs per click, and Google Ads competition data.

Pricing: Basic version free, Pro plan starts at $69 per month.

And, hey, another YouTube video marketing fact: 1 out of 3 young people go to YouTube to learn about a product or a service. So, get onboard now with video marketing and leverage the power of the tools we shared!

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