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If your business is struggling to effectively manage its software development or digital marketing in-house, it’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin and consider outsourcing. Our onshore and offshore team of technically skilled experts can streamline your day-to-day, maximising productivity and minimising disruption - at a competitive cost. By leaving this costly and time-consuming work in our capable hands, you can shift your focus on more strategic tasks and take full advantage of every opportunity. Tap into our expertise and unlock new realms of potential for your business with a Dedicated IT resource or Digital Marketing Resource.


Why Elephant?

Elephant in the Boardroom is a leading global outsourcing company that can help your business accelerate growth with cost-effective onshore and offshore resourcing solutions. By pooling our strengths together, your business will be transformed into a well-oiled machine. We can give you the competitive edge you need, allowing you to channel your talent full-force into what it does best. Every business has skill deficits, and investing time and money only to produce underwhelming results limits your potential. Let us bridge the gaps with our expert IT & Digital Marketing services which include customised application development, web development and design, testing, product development, live chat, social media marketing and digital marketing. We harness the power of technology to create high-performance solutions that reimagine your business model and the way you connect with your customers. Let us help in reducing overall expenses and improving your output as well as the bottom line.

Offshore Outsourcing Services

We offer Custom Software Application Development, Web Development, Maintenance, IT Helpdesk, Live Chat, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing services aligned with all business verticals.

Web Design

Custom Software Development

We analyse your business’s unique needs and develop agile, bespoke applications that leverage the power of technology.


Web Development

Our onshore and offshore teams are experts in cutting-edge web development, building and maintaining visually stunning, high-performance and ultra-secure websites that will take your business to new heights.


Application Maintenance & Monitoring

Trust us to keep everything running smoothly in the background and eliminate any costly downtime while you focus on income-generating activities. A scalable and cost-effective IT helpdesk support system will help your business grow.

Web Design

Native Mobile Apps

Make an impact with a stylish native mobile app packed with sophisticated features so you can keep your stakeholders engaged anytime, anywhere.


UI/UX Design

Our design team operate with the user in mind, delivering a seamless, intuitive digital experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Digital Marketing

Our fluent and holistic approach enables us to create powerful and effective campaigns that can be deployed across multiple platforms to enhance and diversify your online presence.

Case Study

Real-life examples of Elephant in the Boardrooms creative and value-driven approach in action.

Web App Development Case Study


NDIS Price Guide Tool

Elephant in the Boardroom created an interactive web portal for a client in the NDIS sector to streamline the process of navigating the NDIS price guide easily. The dynamic solution was designed using the latest tools and frameworks and was accessibility compliant. Among the profitable outcomes of this project were seamless management of multiple data points from a single backend and, most importantly, increased revenue streams for the business.

Our Motto

We dance to a digital pulse, which means we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest digital trends and practices to create products that will help your business stand out and reach its full potential.

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Delivering the Right Solution

When it comes to outsourcing, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every business has its own unique needs, resources and limitations. That’s why we finetune our solutions towards your specific goals, whether you’re an ambitious young start-up trying to break into your market or a fully established corporation looking to conquer a new one.


"You only have a few seconds to make a good impression on your website. Leave your customers feeling elated – not deflated – so they’ll keep coming back for more."


  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Node
  • Dart


  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Shopify


  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PosgresSQL
  • Elastic Search
  • DynamoDB


  • Android
  • IOS
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Cloud & DevOps

  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Amazon Webserver

Project Management

  • JIRA Board
  • Trello
  • Zoho
  • Bugherd

Why Elephant In The Boardroom?

If your business is struggling to effectively manage its software development or digital marketing in-house, it’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin and consider outsourcing. Our onshore and offshore team of technically skilled experts can streamline your day-to-day, maximising productivity and minimising disruption - at a competitive cost. By leaving this costly and time-consuming work in our capable hands, you can shift your focus on more strategic tasks and take full advantage of every opportunity. Tap into our expertise and unlock new realms of potential for your business with a Dedicated IT resource or Digital Marketing Resource.

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Advantages of Software Outsourcing

Website Design for Business Growth Today's technology enables continuous tracking and monitoring of daily tasks and statuses meaning offshoring can work as a productive engine to maximise profitability and minimize risks and budgets.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are software outsourcing services?

    Software outsourcing is the system wherein a company hands over certain business roles to a developer or a team of developers qualified to handle those tasks which mostly involve creating digital products for the said business. Those digital products range from software or mobile application development, design development and testing, to project launch and additional support.

  • What advantages of outsourcing your project to our team you get?

    You are entrusting your project to the best digital outsourcing team in Australia, composed of highly experienced and skilled IT professionals that meets your project requirements and expectations. We also focus our efforts on your business goals and how you can achieve it through our digital solutions, thus, a product-oriented approach.
    You also get the best quality service at an affordable fixed cost, as you will only pay for the software development services and you are not obligated to pay for recruiting or team support. Outsourcing with us also reduces running costs and gives you full command over your IT budget.
    Additionally, outsourcing your projects with us will leave you without worries, and more importantly, will give you more time to focus on growing the other aspects of your business.

  • What are the software outsourcing services we provide?

    We provide the following software outsourcing services, either separately or within the full cycle of the project:

    • Branding and UI/UX design
    • Product management
    • Project management
    • AR/VR
    • Mobile app development
    • Blockchain
    • MVP strategy consulting
    • DevOps
    • QA services
  • How long does it take to start my product development?

    We will review and analyse first the project requirements from your business and inform you of our findings and estimation results. Upon coming up with an agreement on costs and time of delivery, we will create a project report document along with a proposal to be submitted to our analysts and to your team for further analysis and review. After everything gets finalised, we can then proceed to the project development stage.

  • How do we assure privacy and confidentiality?

    To ensure privacy and confidentiality, we sign NDAs and confidentiality agreements as required by your end. For more case-sensitive projects, we can sign custom NDAs

  • I just need one developer or team of developers. Can you help?

    Whether your project needs one developer or a team of developers, we are here to provide you help. We can talk about it beforehand and we will let our trusted stable of developers do the rest.

  • How can I access and manage my offshore team?

    You will be given direct access to your offshore developers, which means we will not include any third-party management layer between you and the team. We can also place a tech manager on deck to oversee a single line of communication throughout the development cycle.

  • What is the advantage of collaborating with you over other offshore development companies?

    We work on a mandate of bringing you a cost-effective and service-efficient digital software development system that emphasises continuous improvement, technology integration, flexibility, consistency, and high-quality results as compared to other offshore developers.
    Aside from that, you can guarantee our digital software development service is always in line with the current trends on the market, is structured from state-of-the-art infrastructure, is scalable, and is unique in a sense it allows you to combine your corporate methodology and management techniques with ours.

  • Do you have any testimonials from your customers/clients?

    Yes, our quality work has been trusted and recognised by our numerous clients from different businesses. You can check out some of their testimonials here.

  • Whom can I contact for further discussion?

    If you want to get started and discuss your project requirements, you can talk and get in touch with our sales manager and we will help you throughout the entire procedure.

  • Can I hire monthly resources or an annual contract is mandatory?

    It is not mandatory on your end to sign an annual contract with us. It is in your own preference to hire developers monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on your needs of course.

  • How are the meetings managed for overseas clients, particularly where the time gap is substantial?

    We have encountered numerous instances of clients situated in different time zones from ours. And with that, we have made sure to solve such time constraints through scheduling synchronised meetings, constant communication via messages or emails, and setting up a virtual workplace are some remedies we have in place to sustain these time zone-related gaps.

  • What is software outsourcing?

    Software outsourcing is a remote service commonly offered by software development companies, and it involves numerous services such as development of new applications or solutions, client side maintenance, and support. This takes away the costly need to hire application developers on-site or set up an IT infrastructure. It also helps you concentrate better on the other aspects of your business.

  • What types of projects are usually outsourced?

    Any given project can be outsourced, given that it includes website development, application development, testing services, and even database administrations services, the latter being the one service companies usually process and outsource themselves.

  • Why should I choose Elephant In The Boardroom as my outsourcing partner?

    We pride ourselves on having numerous international outsourcing experiences and a team with technological expertise that can satisfy the needs of any given project. We keep in touch with our clients and make sure to provide the ideal service that works best for their business while maintaining confidentiality of your data and other business properties. The best part is all these come in cost effective and service-efficient.

  • Would the new employee/s be working at one of the Elephant In The Boardroom offices or would they be working from home?

    Elephant in the Boardroom offers a flexible working conditions depending on the circumstances on location and Covid situation.

  • Is my data safe with my offshore team?

    For development team, involves some technical terms

  • How do I organise a meeting to discuss our business requirements?

    You can give us a call at +61 37018 7620, or send us a mail at [email protected] and we will ensure working with you to understand your business requirements and needs.

  • Can I choose how long I can partner with Elephant In The Boardroom for?

    We can thoroughly analyse first the requirements needed for your business before coming with flexible options that fit your business. The entire partnership will depend on it along with your options, so, basically, you are given freedom in terms of partnership length.

  • Can the staff overseas understand and speak English?

    We make sure to hire staff members that possess excellent communication skills in English, whether written or spoken, and there will be no problems communicating with them along the way.

  • What is the minimum number of offshore staff I can hire?

    You can decide on how many offshore staff members you can hire. That is one advantage of our services from the others - it is customised which means it allows you to determine specific options for your project. You can talk about it to one of our customer service representatives at +61 37018 7620 and discuss the best options that will fit your project.

  • Can I choose what country I would like to offshore? E.g. Either France or The Philippines

    Yes, you can. As previously mentioned, we cater to every requirement and needs of your business and we can build around it. But should you need additional guidance, we can provide you such in terms of deciding which country works best for your offshoring needs.

  • What costs are involved?

    We provide our partners with the flexibility they deserve in terms of costs, with our simple, transparent, and competitive fee structure.

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