A Grand Dussehra Festival Celebration

When goodness prevails, Elephant in the Boardroom celebrates. Happy Dussehra

On the 23rd of October, the EITB Global Chennai Office was filled with joy and celebration to commemorate the Dussehra Festival. The employees donned in their most exquisite traditional outfit, bringing bursts of colours and vibrancy. 

What is the Dussehra Festival?

Also known as Vijayadashami, Dussehra is a Hindu Festival that signifies the victory of good versus evil. Rooted in ancient mythology, it commemorates the epic battle won by Lord Rama over the demon King Ravana. On the day of the festival, effigies of King Ravana are set ablaze, symbolising the culmination of evil and the prevalence of light and truth. 

Dussehra Festival - offering to Gods and Goddesses

Beyond the vibrant and colorful spectacle, the Dussehra Festival also serves as a time for family reunions, introspection, and the celebration of India's rich cultural and religious heritage as a nation.

What does celebrating Dussehra mean for Elephant in the Boardroom?

As a global enterprise that values inclusivity and diversity, Elephant in the Boardroom actively embraces the cultural traditions of our community. We remain committed to building a workplace where cultural heritage is both cherished and celebrated. 

The Celebration

There was no shortage of fun and laughter as everyone wholeheartedly engaged in the festive celebration. The team displayed their excitement and enthusiasm, prepared some delicious sweets, and adorned the Gods and Goddesses with finery, keeping the festive spirit alive and vibrant.

It was a truly memorable day, one that will be cherished and celebrated in the years to come. Elephant in the Boardroom looks forward to celebrating unique occasions like this to solidify our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment for our people, clients and business partners.

Let the good prevail, always and forever.


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