24 Do’s and Dont’s to Remember in your Social Media Strategy

Not all of the 4.89 million social media users that are expected for this year know how to capitalise throughout their social media strategy.

While keeping up with social media trends is fun, many people, and especially brands, struggle to find the right buttons when it comes to growing on the platform. It stems from a variety of factors, ranging from simply not portraying their messaging in a clear and concise way to failing to meet the content and consistency needs of their followers.

In 2023, let's put an end to losses and turn them into successes.

Check out the infographic to learn the basics of what you should and should not do when it comes to engaging, communicating, and expressing your brand on social media.

Social Media Strategy Do's and Don't's:


An image of an infographic about social media usage

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Valuable insights

When it comes to your social media strategy, perfection should not always be the end goal in sight. But maintaining a consistent social media presence is. If people always see you on their social media feeds all the time, they will recognise who you are as well as your branding and messaging. Only from there can you form long-lasting valuable connections.

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