A 6-Step Checklist for Your Small Business Branding

Are you a small business owner struggling with your business branding? Could your current content use a refresh? Let’s boost the priority level of branding on your “to do list” with this easy to action 6-step checklist. From determining your target niche to boosting your online campaigns, let us help you apply the best small business branding practices.

Follow the easy steps in this infographic to help your business thrive. 

6-Step Checklist for Your Small Business Branding

  1. Clarify your brand vision. As a small business, you need to determine what your business objectives are and ideate from it. 
  2. Define your niche. Who is your ideal target audience? 
  3. Create your logo.  An impactful Logo will make your small business stand and help your brand resonate and be recalled easily. 
  4. Establish your branding. The fonts, colours, and elements you’ll choose play a vital role in setting the right branding tone for your business. 
  5. Engage on your social media channels. Boost your socials as a strong social media presence is a must for your small business! 
  6. Create a website. Drive more traffic to your small business by building a website


Infographics - A 6-Step Checklist for Your Small Business Branding


To conclude..

There is a great deal of advantage when you establish your business branding. The right logos, colours, typefaces, and social media platforms not only help in building a strong brand, but also give your business a personality. It is personality that your customers will remember when they recall or need your product or service next. 

Still think you could use a little extra help in building a strong business branding for your small business? Growth opportunities for your business are waiting to be unlocked at Elephant in the Boardroom! Chat with our expert team to learn more about how we can help you leverage social media marketing and website development to grow your business here.



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