Prepare Your Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are around the corner, and the anticipation is building, for both shoppers and ecommerce owners. Every year, the sales get bigger, making it an event you should be getting involved in as an ecommerce owner.

Sure, you can treat them to multiple sales, discounts, and offers but there’s more to customer attraction than just that. You also need to kick your ecommerce strategies up a notch to achieve a bountiful Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales experience.

Do your store’s marketing a full makeover in time for the sales frenzy with these tips we have for you!

  1. Get a headstart!

Most customers are already browsing multiple stores as early as October. Don’t let this chance get away from you if your store has a social media presence or has a website. Entice them with early bird coupon codes and special offers. Remember, not all of your customers would like to fall in long queues, so getting a headstart can put you in a prime position.

  1. Check your site speed.

Customers have a penchant for a fast-loading ecommerce website. Around 46% of customers have said they won’t return to slow-loading websites, like ever. Make sure everything about your website - the purchase process, checkout buttons, and the product images show up to them in a blink. If not, you’re showing them the door to your competitors.

  1. Make sure your product descriptions sell.

Your product descriptions must entice your customers into buying the product. Tap into their emotions, but at the same time, use the power of SEO so your products can be found. Scarcity is also one element you can add to it. Phrases like ‘limited time only’ or ‘one time offer only’ can induce a sense of urgency to customers, therefore thinking about making the purchase before it’s gone. 7 out of 10 shoppers are uncertain about what to buy, so product descriptions can make a huge difference.

  1. Apply the right discounts.

Although discounts are great for inviting shoppers, it has to be offered strategically. 20% discounts can work, but trying out bigger discounts for product bundles or multiple purchases will drive customers crazier. Display those discounts visibly on the website’s homepage. Add a countdown banner as well to add urgency and build up anticipation and excitement.

  1. Do cross-selling.

Don’t expect your customers to just come to your website, make a purchase, and go. Make the most out of their stay by doing cross-selling - offering them to items related to the ones they purchased. For example, if your customer purchases a pair of shoes, you can show them related products such as socks, insoles, or similar brand shoes. It also triggers them to think they might need to buy those products as well.

  1. Use the power of social media.

If there is anything you shouldn't doubt, it is the power of social media. Running advertisements on Facebook, a known social media friend of ecommerce stores, are proven to drive more shoppers to your store. Using the same techniques we’ve mentioned earlier, your ad will be a hit. Find out more about social media marketing strategies here.

  1. Mix it up with email marketing campaigns.

Around 25% of Black Friday sales begin with email marketing. Creating email ads in advance can also put your store ahead of others. If you have created an email list of loyal customers, you can directly connect to them through email marketing, and keep them on your fences. Ensure it’s not an email that will be left unopened by writing catchy email headlines. Also, avoid these common email marketing mistakes that could cost you a lot.

  1. Utilise word of mouth and social proof.

While most stores out there could flood customers’ inboxes, you can deviate from the trend and make use of this - word of mouth marketing and social proof. If you start conversations and share how your prior customers made the best choice through choosing your brands, you are sure to get extra traffic and added trust from your future customers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming our way. Better catch up with these strategies or miss out on potential influx of shoppers along the way.

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