Tips to Drive in Sales this Cyber Monday

We are all well aware of the upcoming holidays - Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Black Friday sales. But there is one holiday you definitely should not leave off the table – Cyber Monday!

Commonly seen as an extension to Black Friday, this is indeed another day for stores to take advantage of. Why limit the sales to only one day? Customers may have missed out on what you had to offer two days before so provide them with what they’re looking for – more sales!

eCommerce shop owners like yourself must look for ideas from the Black Friday sale and implement the same strategies for Cyber Monday. Why not even improve on your previously used strategies? Set your store up and ensure you are ready for the upcoming shopping influx experienced throughout Christmas and New Year.

Here are some tips to get you started!

  1. Creating buzz about the sale

We know that sales can indeed generate you a good amount of potential shoppers. But the key element towards its success is to hype it up!

Creating social media posts or website content about the sale that can build anticipation to your audience is a great start. Counting down the days before the sale also works. Engaging with your audience through giving away discount vouchers that they can use for the incoming sale is also one way to create buzz.

These, and other strategies will give momentum to your store and result in an uptick in volume of sales as your store opens its digital doors for Cyber Monday.

Another tip - start early, too!

  1. Website optimisation for all devices.

As omnichannel websites become more in demand than ever, websites must take advantage of creating multiple channels for making their website accessible. Even numbers can prove it, as 64% of shoppers won’t settle with a website that doesn’t load easily on whatever device they’re accessing it. Yes, just a small delay could create big problems for your eCommerce website.

Optimisation is the answer.

Make sure your website caters and loads content on all devices easily. It must be fast enough to show the Cyber Monday deals and offers, plus your other sales-related content!

  1. Avail of efficient and do-it-all CRM softwares.

Of course, you want to focus more on beefing up your Cyber Monday sales strategy, and doing so involves checking on your backend operations that sets you in a prime position before the event.

Streamline your operations through customer relationship management softwares that can help you prepare as it nears. Those softwares can help you organise tasks such as inventory management, order management, and gathering customer information data - all relevant data that you can use to set up your game plan this Cyber Monday.

  1. Avoid holiday marketing mistakes.

Take note of these mistakes you must avoid while planning your sales attack this Cyber Monday.

These include assuming massive sales straightaway, assuming that more traffic means more sales, too much reliance on giving away discounts, and the sin of not updating your website design and user experience.

Read more about how you can guard yourself against them here.

As we continue to steer towards an entirely different holiday season, make that two years in a row, these surefire strategies coupled with starting things off early are keys towards a bountiful holiday shopping season on your part.

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