7 Reasons Why Your Website Content Is Ineffective

Your social media posts are scheduled, and your website content is now live, complete with SEO of course. You have even adopted numerous techniques from the best – yet your desired results still aren’t being delivered. Lucky for you, the Elephant team is back to help with 7 reasons why your content is ineffective.

  1. No refined strategy.

Around 70% of businesses are using content marketing strategies to expand their audience reach. To meet your goals, strategy is the key. Unfortunately, most businesses either fail to implement the strategies in place or fail to strategise at all.

Having a bad strategy is better than having no strategy at all. Why? When you know you’re running a bad one, at least, you can revise it. But if you don’t have any, you’re in complete doom - you’ll keep doing what you’re doing, believing it will work while the results say the other way around. The longer you continue with no strategy, the more resources wasted such as time, money and effort.

Why strategise? Find out here.

  1. Your website content doesn’t provide any value.

The ‘create content and that’s it’ approach is something you shouldn’t adhere to whenever you’re crafting content. Quality content sets most successful businesses apart from others.

Examine the content of your competitors’ and keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your industry. Asking your audience about their preferred content is also a way to generate value-added content. That’s because valuable content informs, educates, corrects, and engages with an audience

  1. You’re in a tough niche.

Unfortunately, not all niches are marketable via social media or any digital means. Some industries out there cater to an audience that doesn’t go online very often, or there are industries most people aren’t familiar with.

But it doesn’t mean nothing will work there. Keep strategising through setting up content that will work better in the niche you’re in.

  1. You’re up against a heavy competitor.

More often than not, you’re in a content arms race against the biggest mover in your industry. Getting ahead of them in that race can be a thankless task. But again, it doesn’t mean it’s undoable.

Here are some things you can try - produce content consistently, develop a group of small but devoted followers, and out-content them.

  1. You’re too impatient.

Sometimes, you’re too anxious checking the Google analytics or your social media analytics and jump to the conclusion that your strategy isn’t working - just one or two days into the implementation.

Let your content take some time to create traction and organic results. Better yet, stop checking your analytics hourly and just keep producing top quality, engaging content, and the content will do the rest.

  1. You’re leaving SEO off the board.

One goal for your content is to be found in search engines. SEO can make it possible through high-quality keywords you use in your blogs or other content. Without it, you will still have content but it won’t be found by many search engine users.

If you think your content’s SEO isn’t that competitive, consider hiring a specialist and let them audit and produce it for you.

  1. You’re a no fun marketer.

Content creation is supposed to be fun. Or at least, have some element of entertainment within it. It’s not always about being salesy, because not everyone likes that. They would rather read content that does it all - from informing to entertaining.

Produce at least one fun piece of content per week, and if it is effective, write more of it. Who knows, your content can become known for it.

Now that we know the following reasons, let us help you improve your content game, shall we?

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