What Chatbot is Best for My Website?

Customer service is an integral aspect of doing business online. You must have a solid system in place to handle incoming customer queries promptly and effectively. Sure, you could have a dedicated phone line, or perhaps a contact form for people to submit their questions or concerns. But these are rather expensive and ultimately inefficient; being placed on hold for extended period can be frustrating, and it can take days to answer contact form submissions. Luckily nowadays, there is an easier way.

Chatbots get your customers the information they need – and fast. This boosts your chances of conversion, because whatever anxieties your customer may have before purchasing can be settled on the spot. Great customer service is also one of the cornerstones of customer loyalty, and keeps people coming back again and again. Returning customers are your most lucrative segment so it is crucial that you invest in them whenever and wherever possible. Chatbots also save time and resources, allowing you to focus on running the business while the management of day-to-day queries is automated.

But these virtual assistants aren’t just good at answering simple questions. The artificial intelligence used in chatbots has become much more sophisticated in recent times. Here are the chatbots at your company’s disposal in 2021.

Basic chatbot

Consider this a level 1 chatbot, if you will. These chatbots can provide instant answers to your visitors regarding straightforward topics like store locations, directions hours of operation, status of order etc. With just a few clicks visitors can have the information they need, which not only increases the likelihood they’ll convert but also helps to build a rapport. Many online businesses will have at least this type of chatbot integrated on their site to help answer FAQs.

High level transaction chatbot

This tier 2 chatbot is commonly utilised in industries like banking and ecommerce since these queries tend to be more sensitive and complex.  More advanced chatbot technology can guide customers along the purchasing journey wherever they are. These are also known as multi-step conversation chatbots since it involves more than one step and one question to assuage any concerns. The AI can pick up on nuances, giving accurate instructions to aid the visitor in finding what they are looking for. This involves careful and exhaustive testing beforehand so that they can detect the client’s intent and determine how best to respond.

Contextualised/proactive chatbot

Not everyone who comes to your site will be a one-time visitor. If they were satisfied with their previous experience, there is a good chance that they will return. In this case, a contextualised or proactive chatbot will be ready to warmly welcome them back. These intelligent bots use previous conversations to bring depth and richness to the conversation, making it even more natural and lifelike. It is almost as if you are engaging in conversation with an actual agent. This level of sophistication is made possible using data analysis of data from the end user’s Analytics tool, which triggers the bot to alert that user to inform the client that action must be taken.

Non-linear conversation chatbot

For websites that receive highly complex visitor queries, it’s time to bring in the big guns. Non-linear conversion chatbots can handle mixed initiative tasks and take actions usually based on inference. This is extremely useful especially when a certain task requires a series of other tasks to be completed. They can also detect the client’s emotion and respond with consideration.

Chatbots have come a long way since their introduction to the mainstream in 2017. They are constantly being developed and integrated with new technologies. Current consumer trends indicate that the future is bright for chatbots, as our world continues to become more and more automated. Consider how your business can benefit from chatbot intelligence. Perhaps a basic bot will suffice, or maybe some more advanced technology would serve you better. There truly is a solution for every business in today’s digital landscape.

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