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We understand that all these marketing jargon can be confusing. We will guide you through the process of choosing the right tools to promote your brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical so that your company will appear on the first page of search engine sites such as Google when prospects look for keywords related to your business. It is also vital for driving traffic to your website. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paying your way to the top spot so that you can outrank organic results and build your client base faster. Social Marketing/Advertising, on the other hand, employs techniques that will promote your product to users of social media platforms, the biggest of which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This entails boosting user engagement and expanding your organic reach as well as creating targeted ads within these channels. Do you need to implement all these tools? It really depends on your objectives, the nature of the business and your working budget. We are here to help you figure out the optimal combination.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is SEO?

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) means optimising your website for it to be targeted by search traffic and eventually be found in search engine results pages (SERPs). If your website has higher SEO potential, say it can be found on the first page of Google or any other SERPs out there, it will be visited by more and more search engine users and can also lead them to make enquiries or even purchases within your website.

  • What are the different types of SEO?

    The types of SEO are the foregoing:

    • Technical SEO-optimisations done on the website and server scale which assist search engines in crawling and indexing your website more effectively
    • Content optimisation-the usage of keywords, relevant tags, and links within the content which enables it to reach the largest possible target audience.
    • Link building-the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites and transfering them to your own website.
    • Mobile SEO-optimisation for search results done on mobile devices, since desktop and mobile searches are more often different from each other.
    • SEO Auditing-checking how well your website's presence is faring in terms of best practices, and also, the process of identifying several issues regarding the website's organic search performance.
    • International SEO-search engine optimisation activities and upgrades done to establish the website's online presence in more than one country or language.
    • eCommerce SEO-SEO preferred for online shops and stores, as it enables the aforementioned to be more visible in SERPs to generate more sales and conversions.
    • Local SEO-SEO done on a local basis, wherein it helps local businesses be more visible in SERPs' local search results.
    • SEO & Website Migration-making sure your website's SEO will not be affected if it migrates or goes live as a new one.
    • JavaScript SEO-optimising websites built on JavaScript for the purpose of making it visible on SERPs.
  • How much does SEO cost in Australia?

    A lot of factors come into play when deciding on the SEO services pricing in Australia. Depending on your company's objectives for search engine optimisation, it can range from $500 to as high as tenfold of that value. We cannot definitively give you exact pricing rates, but by asking the right question to the agency, everything must be set off the table right away.

  • How does Google rank sites?

    At first glance, the way Google ranks websites can be complicated. But it can be narrowed down into the following:

    • Domain-level SEO ranking factors-Google looks after your domain's history, age, spam activity, and potential alignment with commonly-searched keywords.
    • Site-level SEO ranking factors-website's quality is being considered here to determine where it will rank up in search results. Relevant factors include site security, sitemap, site architecture, and logical navigation.
    • On-page SEO ranking factors-process of making sure the technical elements within the individual pages of the website is sending the correct signals to Google for search results purposes. Search engines can crawl through the pages' content length, metadata, and keywords to name a few.
    • Off-site SEO and backlink profile optimisation-The external links, or backlinks to your website is also a factor for SEO. If your website contains trustworthy backlinks, chances are it will rank higher in Google and other SERPs.
    • User behaviour-Google can also include user experience and interaction within your website as a factor in determining its SEO capabilities. It uses several related metrics to measure such factors.
    • Click-through rate (CTR)-More clicks in your content is an indicator that your content in the website is performing well, and is well-aligned with the visitors' search intent.
    • Bounce rate-measures the frequency of users arriving at your site and leaving immediately upon accessing it. This is also a good measure as to whether your website provides viewers with the answers to their search queries or not.
    • Repeat visitors-instances of page visitors accessing your website more than once. High turnout means the content your website offers is helpful to them.
  • How long does SEO take to work?

    It actually depends on several factors, and yes, it takes time. Some of these factors include the website's present status, the competing websites' performance, and the situation of the industry the website belongs to. Investing in the process can yield positive results for your website in the foreseeable future.

  • What is local SEO?

    Local SEO is done on a local basis. This enables businesses within the locality to be found in search queries done within the area.

  • Where can I get cheap SEO services?

    We do not offer cheap SEO services, but rather, quality ones. SEO services are something that should be done with expertise and assurance of maximum return on investment on the client’s part. If you rely on amateur SEO improvement offers that usually come cheap, chances are you would end up wasting the initial payment you hand down to them due to subpar outcomes.

  • Will SEO work for my business?

    It definitely will, because most businesses already rely on SEO for their websites to be found in search in a hope of boosting page visits, and potentially lead them to convert and make purchases within the site. Our SEO experts and specialists can definitely achieve your SEO goals for your website although it won’t come instantaneous. But we assure you our services will always deliver only the best results for your website, and your investment.

  • Is SEO safe for my website?

    Our SEO practices are fully compliant with Google's Terms of Service, so, you will be assured of quality SEO service that prioritises website safety above all.

  • What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

    The two are actually different from each other. While search engine optimisation's (SEO) main objective is to generate organic results, search engine marketing is a paid medium. Additionally, the latter also makes use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising forms. Ranking up on SERPs is also instantaneous for SEM, while it takes time but produces the same natural rank-up results for SEO.

  • Can you get me on the first page of Google?

    Although placing your website on the first page of Google search results is a long shot to begin with, we assure you our very best to achieve it. We always make sure to be ahead of everyone in terms of SEO and apply the latest innovation, technologies, and tools to deliver only the best results for your website's SEO competence.

  • Can SEO Agency work for eCommerce businesses?

    We can definitely make SEO work for your eCommerce business. SEO is crucial for online shops and stores as it helps them land more page viewers that would soon end up as customers. Our SEO experts are well-equipped with knowledge on the different eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce, assuring you quality SEO-driven conversions for your eCommerce business.

  • Are SEO and SEM the same thing?

    No, they’re not. Search engine optimisation is driven by organic traffic while most of the traffic generated by search engine marketing is paid.

  • How does SEO marketing agency work?

    The SEO marketing agency ensures all SEO-related tasks are done with excellence. It devises strategies for a website to be optimised so it can be found by search engine results pages such as Google. This is done through the combination of on-page and off-page technical efforts. If these all go hand in hand, crawlers, or bots from the search engine pages, can crawl through your website and assess if it can give the most proximate results for most of its search engine users. If the search engine deems your website can indeed provide such useful information for their users, it can then rank your page up in their results pages.

  • How much does SEO marketing cost?

    The definitive answer will always be 'it depends'. It does depend on multiple factors, such as the nature of your brand, status of your competitors, the industry's competitiveness, and the prepared budget you have. The good thing we can assure you is we have packages that suit your needs, while maintaining consistent, positive results from the get-go.

  • What's the minimum commitment you need?

    Upon determination of your goals, we can provide you with a clean, definitive, and realisable plan of action outlining the time of your commitment to the campaign, along with the budget you must commit, and what we need from you throughout the duration of the campaign.

  • How do you choose the right keywords and phrases?

    By reading and understanding what questions and enquiries your target audience might ask or search for in SERPs, we can determine the perfect keywords and phrases to utilise in your site. We also use a variety of tools to test such terms, measure popularity in terms of searchability of the said terms, and eventually, to strategise its usage within your website.

  • How much will I have to change my website?

    There is actually no need to subject your website to a complete overhaul if we don't see any need to do so for SEO's sake. The website can still keep the same design and navigation means. However, if we see that structural changes are needed to further improve your Search results outcomes, we will discuss it to you in full detail and make those changes work for your site.

  • How to create a content strategy for SEO?

    Creating an effective content strategy that's attractive for SEO combines a lot of key elements. It must integrate strong keyword research that can be utilised across numerous types of channels your business runs, from landing pages, social media campaigns, and even in blogging. But you also have to maintain keyword-driven, high-quality, and usable content in each one of those so that search engines can find it, target it to their users, and enable your page to rank higher.

  • How to find keywords for SEO

    Aside from taking what terms/phrases your target audience could be using to generate search results, it is also helpful to refer to the following for additional keyword research - Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Keywords.io, suggested searches that you can manually check through Google, People MayAsk snippets, Google Analytics, current social media trends and more.

  • How to improve your SEO

    You need to combine the value of your content and brand with powerful keywords related to it so you'll see optimum results, such as your page ranking up in Google search results. But it does not come easy, as there should also be on and off-site improvements and technical works that need to be done in order to keep it that way, which is why entrusting the work to the experts is the best choice for you.

  • Can SEO really increase sales and drive leads?

    Yes, it is. If your page has powerful SEO lead magnets, it can rank up higher in Google search results and can even land on its first page. If SERP users go to Google and any related SERPs to search their enquiries, they will see your page first, and from there, every positive outcome is possible, from increased traffic to possible leads and conversions, something Elephant in the Boardroom's SEO experts can help you with.

  • What SEO strategies will Elephant In The Boardroom use?

    Our strategies are reliant first and foremost on your needs. Secondly, it also takes a look at who your customers are and where you can best reach them. Another thing in focus is the channels that can generate the best results. That way, we assure you quality SEO work that brings only the best results.

  • Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing?

    It depends on what seems fit for your business. If you ask an SEM agency, they will surely say SEM is the best choice. The same goes with an SEO agency. But we are going to look into your website's needs, and craft strategies which will work best for your website. It can be either of the two.

  • How can Elephant In The Boardroom use SEO to grow my business?

    We will look into the current status of your business in terms of searchability and other relevant factors, as well as the goals in place for the foreseeable future. After formulating the potential working strategy, we can implement it, monitor it, and see to it the results you want will come into fruition, in the forms of higher page views, leads, and conversions.

  • How soon can Elephant In The Boardroom get my SEO campaign up and running?

    The SEO campaign will already be rolling 2 weeks after the first payment. That already gives us an ample time to look into what your business needs, the audience that can be best targeted, and the strategies which are ideal and can work for the website to reach them.

  • How will Elephant In The Boardroom help me reach my SEO goals?

    We assure we won't do everything in a hurry. Everything here will undergo the appropriate steps based on the project calendar to ensure nothing will be missed. We will try to meet every goal of the project and report its progress to you for your understanding.

  • What do you need to get started?

    We need to meet in order to set things up and for us to dance in one song. Upon seeing the potential of our services to elevate your business even further, we can already get the ball rolling, from analysing the website and the traffic it attracts to deciding on the appropriate tools for SEO in order to put more page viewers on board.

  • Search Engine Optimisation or Pay Per Click?

    We leave this once again to your own discretion. You can either opt for pay-per-clicks (PPC) and enjoy instant results at the expense of your budget, or enjoy longer term quality results through SEO. Again, the choice is in your hands, and how much your budget can meet as well.

  • Does Elephant In The Boardroom give me my own account manager?

    Yes, we will. With their complete knowledge on the ongoing project, all your questions will be answered by them as well as your concerns and suggestions. This is one way for us of proving communication is a key towards successful collaborations.

  • What should I tell my current SEO agency?

    We know it's not easy to move on from one agency to another. But we can show you our definitive edge in terms of SEO logically, and how it can be helpful towards boosting your business. If that's the case, and you are considering moving to our trusted SEO capabilities, we can then discuss the steps moving forward.

  • Does Elephant In The Boardroom guarantee SEO results?

    Yes, we guarantee you the results and not just promises. We are confident that our expertise can help you achieve your business goals. We cover all sides. And most importantly, we craft solutions that last for long and not just quick, stop-gap measures that can end up costing your business for long.

  • What reports will I get and how often will I get them?

    You will always be updated with the current status of the project, such as real-time website activity, through our unique dashboard. We can also give you timely updates, whether it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly reports which contain metrics covered in that period, performance assessment, and KPIs.

  • Will Elephant In The Boardroom need me to provide current Google analytics?

    Yes. The analytics necessary to keep track of the project's progress will be provided by you. Here, we can understand the current situation of your website and from there, we can also begin formulating strategies and decisions for an SEO-ready website. We can be given access to it through an access code which we can talk on first before proceeding.

  • If I move to Elephant In The Boardroom, will I lose my current search rankings?

    No, you will not lose your current rankings.

  • How easy would a move to Elephant in the Boardroom be?

    We will make the transition as easy as possible. Everything will continue running smoothly, and nothing will be affected. Upon partnering with us, we will guarantee that more effective processes will take place to see your website's needs and how it can be made ready for SEO.

  • Why SEO is important for businesses?

    SEO is just as vital for business as oxygen for living. Without it, your business won't even come close to being found by your prospective customers. No sales, purchases, leads, or conversions of any kind will take place if in the first place, SERPs cannot lead page visitors to your website. So, if your business is struggling to gather more customers from its website, SEO can be the answer you're looking for.

  • How can you stay ahead of Google’s SEO algorithms?

    Nobody can get ahead of Google in terms of algorithms. And, not even Google can outrank itself from it. But there is one thing sure-as Google makes regular updates on search engines in order to establish a level playing field for all business, we assure you that we get to it right away so you can be ahead of the pack.

  • What are the top techniques for SEO Agency?

    Since Google is looking into multiple criteria for websites to obtain an upper hand in terms of SEO, it will be helpful if we meet it all, and fortunately, we always guarantee to work our way towards meeting those set criteria. These include making the website mobile friendly, optimising the website for voice search, prioritising user experience, publishing longer, fresher and more engaging content consistently, building a healthy and authentic backlinking profile, following the SEO's best practices, keeping an eye on the competitor's performance and identifying possible SEO gaps.

  • Why SEO is so important in 2021?

    Digital marketing has taken over the world by storm. But the target audience for your business might be lost out there looking for someone who has the answers for their enquiries and. Through SEO, you can bring them to where they are supposed to be - in your website browsing its every page for relevant content they can absorb and use, or making conversions from your landing page.

  • What are the top three SEO strategies?

    Technical, on-page, and off-page SEO are three primary categories of SEO, and when working on improving your page's SEO, you should not leave any one of these from your campaign. Combined, these three can build a powerful SEO project.

  • What are the best types of content marketing for SEO?

    You need to assess first the content appetite of your target audience, but generally, they absorb these formats of content presentation: blogs, infographics, podcasts, video marketing, email marketing, ebooks and whitepapers, and interviews or commentary.

  • How long does it take to establish higher SEO rankings?

    It can go either way - results can arrive right away or might take time before strings of results come in. It can even take longer, due to some reasons such as your website receiving a prior penalty from Google or other similar search engine pages, the keywords characteristic of your industry, and the current state of optimisation. But after taking these matters into consideration, we can already devise a new SEO campaign for your website.

  • Do we need to meet face-to-face?

    We can meet whenever, whatever, wherever comfortable. We can even set a video conference so we can both talk about relevant matters regarding the project. Your other matters won't be a nuisance because we can also make meetings like that comfortable for you and adjustable for your schedule. This is in line with our belief that everything begins in thorough conversations where both parties can be present and present themselves comfortably.

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