The Difference Between SEO Content Writing and SEO Copywriting

Now that your new website is up and running, you’re gearing up for a major boost with your content. You know that ranking higher in websites can drive in more traffic to your website, so, how will you strategise? Will you hire an SEO content writer or an SEO copywriter? But what is the difference?

These two almost do the same work which at first, can be deceiving. But we hate to break it to you - these two have their differences and knowing these differences is important before posting that job vacancy online.

Knowing how these two differ from each other can help you decide on what specific person you should hire for better SEO results in your website.

What SEO content writing is

For beginners, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of enhancing a website’s visibility across multiple search engine results pages (SERPs) so that people who search in those SERPs can find the website. The job is specifically done by search engine bots that crawl over multiple web pages to scan, find, and present the best and most relevant search results for the users.

This is where SEO content writing plays a major role. Each content written and published must not only inform, entertain, and offer relevance to the users. It must also be loaded with high-quality keywords that rank well in search engines so the crawling bots can land through your content, thereby landing organic traffic to your website.

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What SEO copywriting is

Meanwhile, SEO copywriting is aimed at converting the traffic generated into leads and hopefully, sales.

But, wait, are SEO content writing and copywriting capable of doing both?

Actually, yes.

But there is an ongoing conundrum on whether copywriting is just a mere tie-up with content writing, or if it even exists at all. Part of the confusion roots from the numerous search intent by users when searching for SEO copywriters. Some are actually looking for website content services, blog posts, ad copy, or a sales page copywriter

It is important to make a distinction that these projects - Facebook ad copy, social media copy, and sales pages - also involve content but not necessarily SEO. The main focus of which is sales copy - something that isn’t under an SEO content writer’s radar.

Still, you must see to it that you’re hiring the correct person for your SEO goals, so, now, let’s see when you must hire either one of them.

When to hire an SEO content writer

The primary goal you have for your website is to generate more organic traffic through optimised, high-quality content. In that regard, an SEO content writer can help you. The variety of purposes SEO -powered content can do include:

  1. Increasing keyword rankings
  2. Driving clicks from search engine results pages (SERPs)
  3. Attracting high-authority backlinks
  4. Directing users to other internal webpages
  5. Converting website visitors into potential leads, customers

Aside from rendering your website with SEO-friendly content, SEO content writers can be well-versed with tasks such as creating SEO-friendly service pages, PPC landing pages, local SEO business content, and guest postings for SEO.

When to hire an SEO copywriter

For example, your SEO content writer has successfully generated organic traffic into your website through their work, what do you do next? Turn that traffic into leads or sales. This is where you must seek an SEO copywriter’s help.

Different platforms require specific copy - Google ads, website landing pages, social media posts, Facebook ads, calls-to-action ads and a lot more. Hiring a copywriter that excels in the specific copy you want to focus on is crucial towards its success. A copywriter that can successfully create a sales copy that converts is the perfect fit for your goals.

The process of copywriting includes conducting market research, writing copy that attracts the audience, and calls to action that entice the audience to buy.

The skills set for both content writers and copywriters

Naturally, you want to hire the one who has the skills necessary to accomplish your website goals. Take note of the following:

  1. Updated SEO practices
  2. Well-versed with conversion copywriting
  3. Understands search intent
  4. Being a thorough researcher
  5. Understands the target audience demographics

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