Make Your Brand Stand Out Using Personal Photos

Yes, as a business owner, photos can help you create brand authenticity and establish your reputation within the market, but unfortunately, a random selfie won't make the cut.

The digital age has forced brands to think outside of the box when it comes to branding and focus on leaving an impression that users will remember. Adding your own personal branded touch to your photos can help establish and strengthen your social media presence.

Did you know that images that include a face receive 40% more engagement than those without? The benefit of incorporating a human element into your images is that it immediately draws the attention of your viewers. 

Here are Team Elephant’s top tips for effectively and strategically using your personal branded photos on social media platforms to boost your brand.

1. Snap the right photos!

Make your brand stand out - woman taking a professional selfie

When we say selfies, we don’t mean to immediately post a cute snap of you and your colleague on lunch break to your brand's social media page. Low-quality images that are out of context are unlikely to result in the engagement that you seek. 

You always want to maintain a level of professionalism while taking your selfies and making sure that they are in line with your current branding and industry. You may want to work alongside a personal branding photographer to make sure your images are on point. They can undoubtedly assist you in producing high-quality images that you can repurpose across your brand's social media channels and even on your website. 

If hiring a personal branding photographer is not within your budget, don’t stress. You can always ask a friend that is great at taking Instagram photos to help you out. 

2. Post a mix of head portraits and lifestyle pics!

Make your brand stand out - headshot of a woman with pink hair

Your personal branded images should be more than just smiling and looking into the camera. Remember we want to make a stand-out first impression. 

Mix up the different types of brand photos you take by including headshots that really showcase your personality, images of your undertaking your day-to-day tasks, engaging in a friendly conversation with a client, or even some behind-the-scenes shots. Really give your visitors a taste of what you and your brand are really about.

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3. Wear clothes that compliment your brand!

Make your brand stand out - two female with matching outfit

You wouldn’t believe it but yes, the clothes you wear during your photoshoot can be very important in developing your brand identity. 

If your branding has a more “approachable and casual” vibe - wearing a suit and tie may not be appropriate. If you want to exude a more “chill and calm vibe”, avoid  wearing bright and loud colours. Try wearing neutral or monochrome colours instead. 

Keeping it real, is super important! Wear clothes that you would naturally wear if you were meeting your clients for the first time. After all, your images will be greeting your clients even after you have gone to bed. 

TIP: Another option is to wear clothes that include the colours of your brand. 

4. Utilise appropriate props.

Make your brand stand out - clothing accessories - shoes, dumbbells

The props you use within your images can also help to give them an authentic feel and identity. Just make sure they are consistent with your brand’s objectives. 

Does your brand have something to do with coffee? Why not include a photo of yourself enjoying one, or getting in on the fun and showing off your skills? 

Don’t forget to have a wide range of props for your images on hand, so you will have a large repository of images to use on your website and social media. 

5. Create on-brand graphics

Make your brand stand out - creating a grahics design online

Complement your images with a graphic that is consistent with your brand. Your brand’s graphic designer will know exactly what to do!

Attention-grabbing graphics can help elevate your branded images to the next level - but, make sure you keep your branding palette in mind. If you don’t have access to a graphic designer, Canva and other design software can help.  

6. Maintain consistency with your images across social media.

Make your brand stand out - social media page with consistent feed images

Your profile image is one of the most important parts of your social media account. Maintaining a consistent one across all of your social profiles will help to establish your brand’s identity.

The colours of your brand can also be converted into monochrome backgrounds and used within your profile banners. Using the same photos on your website, email-outs, and all social media platforms will help to inspire a sense of familiarity within your audience. 



We hope that our tips can assist you to enhance your current branding with personal branded images. 

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