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video content marketing


Sonic Branding: Your Brand’s Sound Strategy

24 November 2019

Ever heard a familiar sound that automatically brings you to a certain brand’s space? Intel, Windows, McDonald's, 20th Century Fox – all these popular brands have a unique and recognisable sound.


2020 Top Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

10 November 2019

There’s no dethroning content as the king of digital marketing. If anything, it’s expected to hit some more high notes in 2020, careening towards a worth of more than 400 billion dollars


Video Content Ideas to Support Your Marketing Campaigns

5 March 2019

Are you considering developing video content for your company? Video marketing is an excellent way to cut through the digital marketing noise. It has the ability to engage your audience and foster an emotional connection with them. In addition, videos can also improve your search engine rankings. In fact, YouTube is now world’s second largest search engine after Google. The platform boasted that they have more than a billion users – that amounts to a third of worldwide internet users.

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