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Digital Strategy


How Many Times You Should Use A Keyword In A Blog Post?

23 March 2020

Using a specific keyword is one thing, how many times you should use it is another.

Blogging and keywords come hand in hand to make your blog post pop!

Keywords are great for SEO! Keywords remain incredibly important to SEO for several reasons:


How WeChat Makes Digital Marketing Easier?

1 March 2020

You have probably heard of the social platform called WeChat, right? The renowned social network is becoming a popular interest to western marketers now. With 1 billion monthly users (China’s number 1 social network) and about 200 million users outside of China, WeChat is on its way for global success.


5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Strategy

9 December 2019

With 3 billion people predicted to be on social media platforms by 2021, more and more businesses have opted to have their presence felt through different social media channels online. However, is this enough without a digital strategy?


What Every Brand and Business Should Know About TikTok

18 November 2019

‘I’m gonna take my horse to that Old Town Road,

I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more..”


You’re probably wondering what this song has to do with TikTok?

As you have already heard on the radio, the Old Town Road was popularised by Lil Nas X and the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus. But did you know that the song originally started as a meme in TikTok?


2020 Top Content Marketing Trends To Watch Out For

10 November 2019

There’s no dethroning content as the king of digital marketing. If anything, it’s expected to hit some more high notes in 2020, careening towards a worth of more than 400 billion dollars

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